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Welcome to Holtzhausen's

We are a family owned business, focused on client satisfaction, in all branches of our trade.
Since 2008, we strived to deliver unequalled service to clients needing timber furniture, kitchen and bedroom cabinets, bathroom vanities, aluminium windows, and the odd art piece, created by one of our talented family members. We love what we do, and hope it shows!

General Maintenance

We would love to help you with those nasty maintenance jobs. We love to paint, seal, hang pictures, and clean roofs amongst others!

Building Alterations

Need us to move that horrible wall? No Problem!
A new wall right here? Done!
We will also be able to change doors, and windows as required.


Walls, Floors, outdoors, porcelain or ceramic. No tiling job is too small. We have the best in the trade!


Sometimes you need to move an outlet. Sometimes you need to wire a new addition or a complete home. Our Coded electricians will gladly handle this for you.


Nothing frustrates more than a leaky faucet or supply line. We got the right guy for you!
No more drips please!

Roofing and waterproofing

Generally the most overlooked part of any home, yet the most important. What is worse than not having one over your head? Keep yours maintained at all times. 

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PO. Box 1239
Hyper By The Sea

Phone: 072 716 8835